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Killing Neptune's Daughter

featured nonfiction

Ramble California
A Wanderer's Guide to the Offbeat, Overlooked and Outrageous

by Eric Peterson

In the third installment of his unique and unpredictable Ramble travel series, Eric Peterson spotlights California’s most quirky and intriguing attractions, sharing his personal travel experiences along the way. Each regional section features atypical tourist destinations, maps, oddball stats, required reading, viewing, and listening lists, as well as the typical guidebook fare: places to eat, drink, and catch some ZZZs. The travelogue portions offer more vicarious tidbits as Peterson meanders through the state, sharing his openness to new experiences and self-deprecating humor. With such adventures as “A Beer Drinker in Wine Country,” “The Desert, Man,” and “Stress, Dread, and Rock and Roll,” Ramble California calls you to the open road and your next idiosyncratic journey.

Mock Stars
Indie Comedy and the
Dangerously Funny

by John Wenzel

Overpriced two-drink minimums and potato skins; bad Clinton jokes on late nightthese used to be the hallmarks of comedy, an art relegated to the controlled environs of comedy clubs and network TV. Fortunately, in the late ’90s, a daring breed of comedians began rejecting the status quo altogether and, by taking cues from the indie-music world, started reviving comedy as a savvy and groundbreaking art form. Mock Stars delves headfirst into this revolutionary scene, tracing the evolution of indie comedy as part of the underground music circuit and into mainstream America. Through candid interviews with the major players, including David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Neil Hamburger, Maria Bamford, Fred Armisen, Aziz Ansari, Jon Wurster, Aimee Mann, and dozens of others, Wenzel reveals how comedy is becoming relevantand dangerously funnyagain.

John Wenzel first got the indie-comedy bug watching HBO’s Mr. Show, a sketch comedy program with which he’s still obsessed. He currently writes about music, comedy, and new media for The Denver Post and has written for websites and magazines such as Rockpile and Shredding Paper. Wenzel lives in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

featured fiction

DeKok and
the Dead Harlequin

by Baantjer

This latest Baantjer mystery delves into a grotesque double murder in a well-known Amsterdam hotel. Inspector DeKok must unravel clues from two unexpected characters: a six-year-old girl who has trouble sleeping and a respected accountant who seeks DeKok’s advice on committing the perfect crime. In a surprising twist, DeKok meets with the murderer and tries everything possible to prevent the man from giving himself up to the police. Risking the anger of his superiors, DeKok goes so far as to disappear in order to prevent the perpetrator from being found. With Dead Harlequin, Baantjer has created yet another intelligent, absorbing tale.

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